Phredthallinar (Fred)


A tall and athletic man, Fred seems to on the young side of middle age. His short black hair is receding a bit but shows no grey. He has a bit of facial hair in the form of a wispy mustache and beard that he keeps trimmed and neat.

His style of dress could be called steam punk. It is a bizarre amalgam of his Chancellery Guard uniform and 19th century English formal wear. His long jacket is black and red with bronze separating the colors. Beneath his jacket he wears tailored black pants with black leather boots. His white shirt is partially covered by his black cravat and a red vest with bronze buttons. Tucked into a vest pocket and attached with a short bronze chain is what looks like a bronze pocket watch.


After graduating from the Academy, Phredthallinar served in the Chancellery Guard. He rose through the ranks over the centuries even being sent on missions away from Gallifery a few times. When the Doctor returned and claimed the title of Lord President, Phredthallinar hoped that the growing isolationist sentiment of his people would be shaken off. The invasion that followed shattered that hope and resulted in his regenerating.

Following his regeneration, Phredthallinar grew tired of the stagnate, isolationist atmosphere that had enveloped Gallifrey. When he had the opportunity, he helped Xander steal a TARDIS and went wandering.

Phredthallinar (Fred)

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