Samanthra Pak-MacIntyre


Samanthra is tall and slender of build, both fit and well proportioned. Her face has an exotic and elegant beauty, fine featured with a small nose and almond-shaped green eyes, and topped a mop of loose brown hair. She carries herself with a confident air.

She’s usually practically dressed in a long blue coat, loose dark shirt, and cargo pants with many pockets in which to keep her tools and notes. She wears a set of goggles that have the secondary effect of keeping her hair back. She also wears a little jewellery, with gold earrings and rings. She also has gloves.

Sheathed at her belt in a small sonic blaster, and, of all things, a sword, with a long straight blade like ice and upswept spiked guards.


Samanthra Alisony Sugar-Glider Resolution was born to the Dela-Praxis Pak-MacIntyres, one of the noble families of the burgeoning Earth Empire around the 26th century, from old Australian, Korean, and spacefaring colonist stock. Her mother chose to clone herself in a fit of vanity, and Samanthra was the result, with a number of small genetic enhancements, though environmental factors and upbringing made her slightly different. Hence, she is the 3.1st of her name.

The family was wealthy and cultured with investments in a number of interstellar corporations and properties on Earth, the moons of Saturn, and colonies outside the Solar System. Thus, Samanthra grew up with the best that money could buy, and the opportunity to do whatever she wanted in life. However, being the clone of her mother left her living in her shadow, and Samanthra was determined to be different and make her own way in life. Her mother was unhappy with her clone’s choices in life, as she wanted her to follow in her footsteps and take up her legacy. This was a regular argument between them.

Having little interest in the family business, Sam instead attended the University of Mars and graduated with a doctorate and degrees in history, anthropology, and archaeology, with focuses in Human, Earth Reptile (Siluran), and Martian (Ice Warrior) histories, and knowledge of a number of other alien races and practices.

Sam had a Martian boyfriend at the time, Ramesses, from a traditional Old Mars clan, a gentle and chivalrous Ice Warrior who taught her their culture and Martian karate, as well as the use of a sword he forged for her smaller hands. Sam’s PhD project involved the excavation of a lost Martian nest, which they worked on together. However, ultimately, they went their separate ways: Ramesses was tied to the red earth while Samanthra wanted to explore the galaxy; he wanted children but she wasn’t ready for a family and could not lay eggs. They parted amicably and remained in touch.

Leaving Mars after being awarded her degree, Sam set to work as a historian and archaeologist, travelling known space and the frontier worlds to excavate lost ruins, unearth forgotten histories and lost technologies, and discover surviving cultures. Among her many accomplishments, she collected the oral histories of the nomadic tribes of the French wilderness; found the lost people of Paradise Towers and became an honorary Kang; worked with the primitive Uxarieans to map their ancient ruins; spent two turns with the Try!pa people on the rain-forest moon of Pnau, adopting their customary nudity, and was made an honorary Bitch.

On a return to Earth, she excavated the Salisbury Spoil Heap to rediscover Stone Henge and discovered a mummified Dalek apparently left over from the Dalek Invasation of Earth. Its murderous psychic presence killed half her team before she buried it again. The harrowing experience left Sam with the occasional nightmare, and rather more cautious about her quest for knowledge.

Travelling the galaxy, through war-zones and unknown regions; exploring lost worlds, crumbling ruins, and ancient tombs; unearthing buried and forbidden secrets; and getting her treasures to museums or their native owners is a dangerous job, and Samanthra remains ever confident that she’s capable of doing it.

Samanthra Pak-MacIntyre

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